Has your cat been eliminating outside of her litter box? It’s not uncommon for our feline friends to shun their bathrooms. But why does it happen? Here, your vets Portland, OR tells you about some common reasons:

Box Placement

Your cat can be quite picky about where her box is located. Make sure it’s in a quiet, out-of-the-way location where your cat can use it without being disturbed. If your cat gets frightened when using her bathroom, she might decide to shun it entirely!

Box Cleanliness

Who wants to use a dirty bathroom? Your cat certainly doesn’t. Make sure you clean out your cat’s box on a frequent basis—we recommend scooping it out daily or every other day, and changing the litter entirely about once a week.

Medical Problems

Of course, there’s a possibility that a medical problem could be causing your cat to eliminate outside of her bathroom box. UTIs, injury, infection, and much more could be the root cause of your cat’s litter box behavior! Take your pet to the vet’s office if you suspect a medical issue might be at play.

Set up your cat’s appointment at your veterinary clinic Portland, OR. We’re here to help!

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