It’s estimated that one out of every 10 cats will develop some sort of litter box aversion at one point or another in their lives. Is your cat one of them? Here, your Oconomowoc, WI vet tells you why your feline friend may not be using the litter box.

Box Placement

Is your cat’s box placed in a high-traffic or noisy area? Understandably, cats don’t like doing their business in such an environment. Try putting the litter box in a quiet back room where your cat won’t be disturbed.

Cleanliness of Box

Cats are very strict about their bathrooms’ cleanliness, and may shun a box entirely if it’s not cleaned out regularly. Remove your cat’s waste from their box daily, and put in a bit of fresh litter to replace that which you’ve removed.

Negative Conditioning

If your cat was startled or frightened while using a box earlier in life, she may have an aversion to the litter box based on that experience. Call your vet for help if you suspect this is the case with your cat.

Do you have further questions about your cat’s litter box habits? Give your veterinarians Oconomowoc, WI a call for more guidance.

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