You have insurance for just about everything—your home, your car, your health. What about insurance for your pet? For many pet owners, insurance is a sensible way to stay smart about pet healthcare costs. Learn more here from a pet clinic Columbia, MD.

How Does Pet Insurance Work, Exactly?

Pet insurance works just like the other kinds of insurance that you’re familiar with. You’ll pay a monthly premium (or perhaps a bi-yearly or yearly premium in some cases) and have a set deductible. When pet-care costs reach that deductible within the set time frame, your insurance begins covering the costs.

What Do Pet Insurance Plans Cover?

Different types of pet insurance plans cover different things. There are “catastrophe” plans, which only cover major health issues and accidents. There are also plans oriented toward wellness that help cover the cost of office visits or medications. Shop around and talk with your vet to determine what kind of coverage will suit you best.

What If I Have Multiple Pets?

If you have multiple pets, you’ll want to consider a multi-pet insurance plan—they’re quite common! It’s the best way to save money.

Contact your animal hospital Columbia, MD today to learn more.

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