It’s a safe bet that you’ll have to travel with your cat in the car at one point or another, whether it’s for a trip to the vet’s office or a family vacation. Here are some tips from a Rochester, NY vet to keep Fluffy safe and sound during her car trip.

Use a Carrier

Always use a carrier when transporting your cat in the car. It can be very dangerous to allow your cat to roam free! Keeping her in the crate keeps her secure, and helps her feel more comfortable at the same time.

Avoiding Carsickness

Many cats experience carsickness. To combat this, try taking short “practice” drives in the weeks ahead of your trip. Don’t feed your cat for several hours before the drive, and try cracking a window during the trip. For severe cases, consult your veterinarian about medications that can help your cat avoid carsickness.

Longer Trips

If you’re going on a longer drive of several hours, be sure to take frequent pit stops to allow your cat access to the litterbox. Also, be sure to check your destination to make sure it’s cat-friendly!

For more travel tips, contact your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY today.

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