Although cats are known for their self-grooming prowess, they can use a little help now and then. Here, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet offers three easy tips for keeping Fluffy well-groomed.


Pick up a brush made specifically for cats at your local pet supply store or retail outlet. Not only does brushing your feline friend remove loose hair from the coat, it spreads essential skin oils through the fur to keep it well-moisturized and healthy.

Nail Care

Most cats will do just fine with a good-quality scratching post—or multiple—set up around her living area. These provide your cat with an outlet for scratching, ultimately saving your furniture and carpets, and also help to blunt the tips of Fluffy’s claws so they aren’t as sharp.

Dietary Tips

You may be surprised to learn that feeding your cat a high-quality diet is a great way to keep her well-groomed. That’s because giving Fluffy the proper nutrients through food is the best way to keep the skin and fur healthy. If you’d like a recommendation on a premium cat food, call your vet.

Do you need further advice on your feline companion’s grooming routine? Contact your Vet Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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