Just like our hands, a cat’s paws are of the utmost importance to them! Keep your cat’s feet healthy with these tips from your Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Daily Paw Check

Every day, give your cat’s paws a quick once-over. Look for anything out of the ordinary, like scratches, swelling, or visible wounds. If you find something stuck between the toes, remove it if possible. If the object doesn’t come out easily, don’t force it—call your vet instead.

Scratching Posts and Nail Trims

Provide your cat with at least one scratching post. It will help blunt the nail tips, and let your cat get out her intrinsic clawing desires while saving your furniture. Be sure to trim your cat’s nails on a regular basis, as nails that get too long and sharp can fracture painfully or get snagged on carpets.

Paw Pad Health

In the summer, hot asphalt can burn your cat’s paw pads. In the winter, pads can be irritated by road salt and de-icer chemicals. Take care to have your cat avoid these surfaces and substances to keep the paw pads healthy.

Want more helpful paw-care tips for your feline friend? Call your Aurora, CO animal hospital today.

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