Does your pet have a microchip? This simple bit of technology is an extremely effective and easy way to keep your pet properly identified for a lifetime. And that’s something that every pet owner should want! Here, your animal hospital New Orleans, LA tells you about three main benefits of microchips for pets. 

They work.

Microchips provide constant, secure identification. There’s nothing wrong with ID tags on the collar, but a microchip can’t be removed by your pet the way ID tags could be chewed off or ripped away. That gives you permanent peace of mind! Most pet owners use ID tags and a microchip in tandem. 

They’re cost-effective.

Microchips aren’t expensive, and you should only have to purchase one for your pet’s entire lifetime. Even if you get new contact information—a change of address or a new telephone number—your pet can keep the same chip. You’ll just have to update your information with the chip manufacturer, which isn’t difficult. 

They’re easy to implant. 

The implant procedure only takes moments, and your pet just feels a small pinch. It’s just like a regular vaccination!  

Ready to learn more about microchips or get your pet one? Call your vets New Orleans, LA.

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