Did you know that dental concerns are some of the most common problems that veterinarians treat in dogs? Keep your pooch’s pearly whites gleaming with these tips from your Glendale, AZ vet.

Sniff the Breath

Try to get a whiff of your dog’s breath every now and again. It’s not going to smell lovely, but especially offensive breath is a problem. A rank odor could be indicative of periodontitis, rotting teeth, or other issues, so let your veterinarian know as soon as possible.

Brush the Teeth

Brush your dog’s teeth using a canine-formulated toothpaste and a dog toothbrush. Use small circular motions to remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up. If necessary, tackle the mouth in stages, bushing only a few teeth at a time. This is especially helpful for dogs who have trouble sitting still for longer periods.

Feed a Great Diet

What your dog eats is very important for their oral health. Make sure the food you’re feeding your dog is providing the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients for optimum health. Ask your vet to recommend a food based on your dog’s age, breed, and weight.

For more information, call your veterinarian’s Glendale, AZ office.

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