Any veterinarian will tell you—keeping your pet microchipped is one of the best things you’ll ever do for them. Here, your Columbia, MD vet tells you about some of the advantages of microchips.

Microchips Keep Pets Constantly Identified

Some pets may be able to remove a collar holding ID tags, whether they do so accidentally or on purpose. With a microchip—implanted under the skin and impossible to remove—you never have to worry about your pet going unidentified!

Microchips Aren’t Expensive

Microchips are inexpensive, usually ranging from $30 to $50, and are well worth the investment. Of course, if you’ve adopted your pet from a shelter, they may have already been outfitted with a chip. Ask your veterinarian to scan your pet for a chip if you’re unsure.

The Microchipping Procedure is Quick and Easy

The microchipping procedure only takes a few moments; a specialized syringe is used to implant the chip under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Your pet won’t feel any pain, just a slight pinching sensation that is much like a regular vaccination.

Do you want to get your pet a microchip? Set up an appointment at your Columbia, MD veterinarian’s office today.

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