You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before. They’re important for human nutrition, and equally so for our pets. Your dog needs antioxidants to stay healthy! Learn more here from vets London, ON. 

They keep Fido’s food fresh.

Antioxidants fight oxygenation, as their name suggests. And since oxygen is one of the main enemies of fresh food, antioxidants work to keep food fresh by fighting the oxygenation process. To put it simply, they keep food from spoiling. 

They boost your dog’s immune system. 

Antioxidants fight free radicals in your dog’s system, which cause cell damage and can lead to disease. Free radicals contain oxygen, so antioxidants help to destroy them. This is why these nutrients are so important for good health. 

They help slow the effects of aging.

While nothing can truly stop the aging process, antioxidants have been shown to boost brain function in older pets and maintain that all-important cognitive function for years on end. That’s something your dog will thank you for. 

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