When was the last time you checked out your dog’s pearly whites? Dental problems are very common among our canine companions. Make sure your dog’s champers stay healthy with these tips from an animal hospital Newmarket, ON.

Brush the Teeth

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly using a canine-formulated toothpaste and a specialized toothbrush made for dogs. This is a great way to remove plaque on the tooth surfaces before it can harden into more dangerous tartar. Ask your vet for help getting started.

Feed a Good Diet

Did you know that your pup’s nutrition and diet has a lot to do with his dental health? Feeding your dog a great diet makes for strong teeth and gums. And providing fresh water is a great way to help your dog flush out the mouth naturally, removing bacteria-causing food particles.

Schedule Professional Cleanings

There’s nothing quite like a professional cleaning at your vet’s office. Schedule your dog’s dental exam and cleaning today—it’s an essential step for making sure your dog’s pearly whites stay in tip-top shape throughout his lifetime!

Ready to make your dog’s appointment to have his teeth cleaned? Call your pet clinic Newmarket, ON today. We’re always here to help!