Your cat or dog needs proper vaccination to stay healthy—it’s an essential part of their well-being! If you’re new to pet ownership, read on as a Marietta, GA veterinarian goes over the basics.

How Do Vaccines Work?

Essentially, a vaccine works by introducing a tiny strain of the disease it protects against to your pet’s immune system. Your pet’s body responds by developing antibodies, which allow the body to recognize and fight the disease in the future should the real thing ever afflict your pet.

What Vaccines Does My Pet Require?

Cats and dogs usually receive the “core” batch of vaccines early in life, and these include vaccines against distemper, calicivirus, parvovirus, and rabies. “Non-core” vaccines, those that aren’t essential for all pets but may be necessary for some, may also be administered depending on a pet’s circumstance. The Bordetella virus vaccine is an example of a non-core vaccine; it’s helpful for animals who are commonly boarded, but it’s not necessary for every pet.

How Do I Get My Pet Their Vaccinations?

If your pet needs vaccinations, or if you’re curious about what vaccines your pet has already received, make an appointment with your veterinarians Marietta, GA animal hospital today.