How often do you play with your canine companion? Play is about more than good old-fashioned fun. It’s an essential part of your dog’s care! Learn why below from a veterinarian Oshawa, ON.

Good Exercise

When your dog is playing, they’re also exercising. And exercise is one of the key parts of a healthy lifestyle! Help your dog burn calories on a daily basis by playing with a favorite toy or going for a brisk walk around the block. Fido will thank you.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs who don’t get enough stimulation tend to act out in undesirable ways, like house soiling, aggression, and loud vocalizations. Keep this behavior to a minimum with regular playtime. It gives your dog something to engage with, and tires them out at the same time. That makes for a well-behaved pup!

Quality Bonding Time

Don’t forget that playing with your dog also serves as quality bonding time between pet and owner. Your relationship with your dog is not to be taken for granted—strengthen and nurture it by playing on a daily basis.

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