Pica is a condition that affects some of our canine friends, and it can prove dangerous. It involves the ingestion of non-food items, which could be almost anything: batteries, coins, rocks, socks, shoes… the list goes on and on. Learn more here from an Aurora, CO vet.

What’s the Cause?

A case of pica is either behavioral or medical in nature. Behavioral cases mean that an underlying condition like anxiety is causing your dog to ingest foreign objects. Medical cases, on the other hand, indicate that a problem like diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, or thyroid issues could be to blame.

What’s the Treatment?

The treatment for pica depends on the cause. Medical cases will be dealt with by treating the underlying medical issue, while behavioral cases might require anxiety medication, removing stress factors at home, or professional training to correct.

What if My Dog Ingests a Foreign Object?

If your dog ingests something that he shouldn’t, it’s time to rush him to the vet’s office immediately for treatment. The foreign object will need to be removed as soon as possible.

Want to learn more about pica and how it affects dogs? Contact your animal hospital Aurora, CO—we’re here to help!