Probiotic supplements are very popular for humans right now. You might even have some in your home right now. Did you know that probiotics can also be beneficial for our animal friends? Learn more below from your Newmarket, ON vet.

What Are Probiotics, Anyway?

A probiotic is a microbe that lives in your pet’s small or large intestines. Think of them as the “good guys” that fight off bad microbes in the gut. They help to destroy pathogens, digest food, and manufacture vitamins and other nutrients.

What Do They Do for Pets?

Probiotics are often prescribed to pets when they need help managing or treating a digestive issue of some kind. Probiotics can regulate the digestive system, manage or reverse infestations and infections, and even help to minimize stress levels.

Probiotics for pets usually come in the form of a capsule or tablet, or they can be included in yogurt or kefir products. Probiotics are sometimes included in pet food.

Does My Pet Need a Probiotic?

Play it safe and check with your vet before giving your pet a probiotic. That way, you know your pet will be okay!

Learn more about probiotics by calling your animal hospital Newmarket, ON.