Have you ever seen your pup eat grass? It’s a relatively common behavior among our canine companions. Sometimes it’s harmless, and sometimes it’s a cause for concern! Learn more here from a veterinarian Newmarket, ON.

Why Exactly Do Dogs Eat Grass?

It’s not always clear why dogs eat grass. Some believe dogs do it to make themselves throw up, perhaps to alleviate a gassy or upset stomach. But it’s also possible that dogs simply like the texture, or that they want to add some roughage to their diet.

Could a Medical Issue Be the Problem?

Yes. It’s possible that your dog is eating grass because of a nutritional deficiency, a worm infestation, or some other medical concern. If grass-eating persists, it’s best to call your vet.

Should I Allow My Dog to Eat Grass?

Eating a few blades of grass here and there probably won’t harm your dog, but it’s usually best not to let the behavior continue. Even if there isn’t a medical issue at play, grass could have fertilizers or chemical treatments on it that you don’t want your pup ingesting!

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