Do you own a brachycephalic dog breed? These are breeds with squashed snouts and bulging eyes, like the pug, Boston terrier, French and English bulldog, and the Pekingese. These adorable dogs have some special care needs! Your veterinarian Metairie, LA tells you more below.

Don’t Over-Exercise

Brachycephalic breeds don’t have as high-functioning of a respiratory system as working dogs. Their elongated soft palates, narrow windpipes, and small nostrils can make breathing difficult, especially when they’re over-exerted. Keep exercise to a minimum, especially in hot weather!

Keep Things Calm

For the same reasons described above, it’s always best to keep your brachycephalic dog calm. If they get too worked up, they can start to experience some respiratory trouble. Try to limit over-excitement in your dog’s life. 

Maintain Good Dental Health

Your dog’s unique facial structure tends to crowd the teeth together in the mouth. Dental problems can crop up as a result. Keep a close eye on your dog’s dental health—brush the teeth regularly and have your vet examine Fido’s mouth frequently to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Does your dog need veterinary attention? We’re here to help. Set up an appointment with your vets Metairie, LA right away.

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