Is your dog looking a bit pudgy? Nearly half of the domesticated dogs are overweight! Use these tips from a veterinarian Bend, OR to slim down your canine friend.

Control the Portion Size

Many times, dogs are overweight simply because they’re overeating. And that all has to do with portion size. Ask your vet for a measured portion amount to give your dog, and take away any uneaten food after about 20 minutes. That way, you’re ensuring that your dog isn’t getting too much food.

Change the Diet

If your dog is receiving a budget diet that contains a lot of empty calories, he’s probably packing on more pounds than he should. It’s time to upgrade Fido’s diet choice! Consult your vet for a recommendation on food that suits your dog’s age, weight, and breed.

Exercise Daily

Of course, your dog isn’t likely to lose weight if he doesn’t exercise. Get your dog moving on a daily basis with jogs in the backyard, walks around the block, and vigorous playtime with his favorite toys. Your pup will thank you!

Need advice on your dog’s weight loss regimen? Contact your pet clinic Bend, OR to see how we can help.

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