Many of us walk our dogs at night, whether it’s because of work schedules or Fido’s bathroom needs. Make sure you do so safely! Use these tips from a Marietta, GA veterinary professional.

Choose Roads Wisely

Whenever possible, walk on sidewalks. If you must walk on a road, choose one with a wide shoulder to give passing cars plenty of berths. Avoid narrow, twisting roads whenever you can.

Clothing Choices

Both you and your canine companion should don reflective clothing items to be extra visible in the nighttime. For dogs, reflective leashes, collars, and vests work well. For you, try shoes, hats, vests, or even pants with reflecting strips sewn in.

Recall Command

If your dog decides to dart off after a squirrel or a bicyclist, they may yank the leash out of your hand. This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure your dog knows a reliable recall command, like “come” or “here.” For help training your dog to respond to such commands, call your vet’s office today.

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