Ticks are dangerous for dogs because they can transmit serious diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. That’s why it’s essential to keep Fido on a quality flea-and-tick preventative. You can also take steps to stop ticks from biting your dog first place! Here, your vet Plano, TX tells you how. 

Stay away from leaf litter and dense brush.

Ticks love to hide in piles of leaves, tall grasses, and dense brush. They also like to drop down on their hosts from above, so try to stay out from under tree branches. By avoiding these areas whenever possible, you can minimize the likelihood that your dog gets bitten. 

Conduct tick checks once you’re indoors.

After you come back inside, check your dog—and yourself—for ticks. Examine the inside of the ears, between the toes, along the inner thighs, and around and under Fido’s tail. Ticks love to hide in warm, humid parts of the body.

Keep your yard tidy.

Ticks love to live at the fringes of forested areas and in areas with a lot of yard debris. Keeping your landscaping tidy is a good way to avoid inviting them in. 

Call your veterinarians Plano, TX today for further advice.

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