You just never know when an emergency situation might strike, perhaps forcing you and your pet to leave home. That’s why it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Below, your veterinarian Anderson, IN tells you what to pack.

First-Aid Supplies

Most of your pet’s emergency kit will be made up of essential first-aid supplies, such as bandages, gauze, a pet-safe disinfectant, a pet thermometer, scissors, tweezers, a styptic powder or pen, tongue depressors, and a few soft towels. Also include a few pairs of latex gloves to protect your hands.

Medical Records

Put your pet’s key medical records in a waterproof plastic bag. Include things like proof of vaccinations, documentation of recent medical procedures, and medication prescriptions. These documents can be lifesaving in an emergency scenario, especially if you need to visit an unfamiliar vet’s office or animal shelter.

Long-Term Supplies

Should a natural disaster or a man-made event force you away from home for a while, you’ll want to have a few long-term supplies packed away to grab at a moment’s notice. Include a few water bottles, canned food and a can opener, a collar and leash, and a blanket.

Learn more by contacting your vets Anderson, IN.

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