Your dog uses his or her paws for just about everything they do, from walking and running to scratching and cleaning themselves. Make sure you keep the paws healthy! Use these tips from a vet La Mesa, CA to do just that:

Nail Trims

It’s important to trim Fido’s nails on a regular basis. When nails are allowed to grow too long or sharp, they can get snagged in carpets and other surfaces, or they can start to split painfully. Long nails can even affect your dog’s ability to walk properly! If you don’t want to trim the nails yourself, call your vet’s office to have it done for you.

Paw Checks

Check over your dog’s paws regularly to make sure nothing is stuck between the toes or embedded in the paw pads. It’s easy for small bits like pebbles and bits of metal or plastic to get lodged there. Let your vet know if you can’t remove something.

Avoid Hot Surfaces

It’s easy for Fido to burn their paw pads on hot asphalt during the summer months. Avoid these surfaces when you can!

Call your veterinarians La Mesa, CA for an appointment if your dog needs veterinary attention.

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