Do you brush your dog’s teeth? It’s a great idea for your dog’s dental hygiene and his or her overall health. The question is, how do you get started? Learn more here from a vet clinic Virginia Beach, VA. 

Rub the Gums

First, dip your finger in a bit of broth and rub your dog’s gums and teeth gently. It’s a bit gross, we know, but it gets your pup used to have the mouth handled. And it’s best to start early, ideally when your dog is still a puppy, so he grows up with brushing being normalized. 

Introduce the Paste and Brush

When your dog seems comfortable, allow him to smell and taste the toothpaste (always use a paste made for dogs!). Rub a bit of that around Fido’s gums. Now, you’re ready to start brushing.

Brush and Reward

Dab a bit of toothpaste on your brush and select an area of the mouth to start with. Use small, circular motions to brush the teeth—focus on the outer surfaces where plaque tends to accumulate. Reward your dog with treats as you work your way around the whole mouth.

For help with your dog’s care, call your veterinarian Virginia Beach, VA.

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