Mosquitos are some of the most dangerous pests out there for our animal friends. Not only can they transmit heartworms, but they can introduce other concerning problems like the West Nile virus! Take steps to protect your pet—learn more here from veterinarians in Portland, OR. 

Heartworm Medication 

The first line of defense is a high-quality heartworm medication. This simple step means that even if a mosquito does bite your pet, the heartworm larvae will be killed off before they can mature into adult worms. Talk to your vet right away if your pet isn’t already on a heartworm preventative. 

Landscaping Tips

Dense brush and tall shrubbery tend to attract all sorts of pests, mosquitos included. Trim back overgrown vegetation, especially if it’s close to your home’s outer walls or touching the windows. 

Clean Up the Yard

Mosquitos breed in standing water. If you have still water sources in your yard—birdbaths, old tires, empty plant pots, etc.—it’s time to clean it up. And make sure to get rid of any garbage or leftover food that could attract mosquitos and other creepy-crawlers. 

Need help in the battle against mosquitos? Contact your vet Portland, OR for help. There’s no time to waste!

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