You’ll almost certainly have to give a pill to your dog at some point or another. Generally speaking, our dogs don’t take kindly to gobbling up pill medication, so you might have to get a little creative. Here are a few tips from your veterinarian Columbia, MD.

Hiding Pill in Food

Ask your veterinarian if your dog’s medication is safe to be taken with food. If it is, you’re in luck—this is one of the easiest ways to get your pooch to swallow his pill. Try pushing the pill into a glob of wet dog food, or into the center of a treat. Most likely, your dog will gobble up the morsel without even realizing there was medicine inside!

The Toss Trick

Toss your dog a treat or two in mid-air, then the pill, then another treat. If you get lucky, your dog might not even notice the imposter in the middle of the stream of treats.

Crushing or Grinding

Sometimes, you can crush or grind your dog’s pill up, then sprinkle it over a meal or stir it into food. Check with your veterinarian first, though—it’s not always safe!

Call your vet Columbia, MD for more tips.

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