Having a new baby soon? Concerned about how your dog will react? Hopefully, it will calm you to know that the majority of dogs have no trouble with the new bundle of joy and will actually accept the child as a member of her own pack! Some will not though, so it’s important to not risk it and follow try some things out. For the best information, check with your Calabasas vet.


One way is to get a replica baby doll and start carrying it around the house, paying attention to it, etc. This will help your dog to understand his new place in the world. For more, check with your Calabasas vet.


Make sure and give your dog attention when the baby comes. This will help reassure her that she’s still valued and important, reducing the risk the she might lash out against the baby. For the best information consult your Calabasas vet.

Babies are joyful. Along with some coaching, your dog can learn to love the newborn with the same affection he shares with you. If you have questions, check with your Calabasas vet.

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