When a dog’s nails are allowed to become overly long and sharp, problems can ensue—nails may get snagged in carpets, and they can split or fracture painfully. Regular nail trims are essential for good health! Here, your Plano, TX vet takes you through the proper steps.

Gather Supplies

First, gather everything you’ll need in one spot. You’ll need canine-specific nail trimmers, a styptic powder or pen to staunch any bleeding, and a few dog treats. When you’re ready, sit down with your pooch in a quiet, well-lit area of the house.

Clip the Tips

Gently clip the tips of your dog’s nails, taking care not to clip too far down the nail. If you go too far down, you’ll nip the quick, which is the blood vessel running into each nail; this is where your styptic powder comes in handy if an accident occurs.

You don’t have to clip all the nails at once; if necessary, take frequent breaks so your dog doesn’t get overwhelmed.


Once all of your pooch’s nails have been successfully clipped, be sure to offer a few dog treats for a job well-done.

Need help clipping Fido’s nails? Call your Pet Clinic Plano, TX office.

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