It’s very easy to picture a cat lapping up some milk. But it turns out that milk and cats don’t mix! In fact, too much milk could make your feline friend sick. Learn more here from a veterinary clinic in Louisville, CO.

Why Can’t Cats Have Milk?

Most adult cats are lactose-intolerant, just like some humans are. This means that they don’t possess enough lactase in their digestive systems to digest lactose, the primary enzyme in milk. Too much milk is likely to make your cat experience vomiting, diarrhea, or an upset stomach at the very least. 

What About Kittens? 

Kittens do need their mother’s milk, yes. Without it, they wouldn’t experience proper growth and development during their earliest months. But as a kitten grows up, they tend to produce less and less lactase, gradually becoming lactose-intolerant by the time they’re adults. 

Are There Alternatives? 

A nip of cheese or a dab of yogurt probably won’t do your cat much harm, but don’t overdo it. A better option is a “cat milk,” which has had all lactose removed. 

Want to learn more about your cat’s diet and nutrition? Get in touch with your vets Louisville, CO to talk with the professionals.