It’s heartbreaking to know your cat has escaped and is now lost. But you can do your best to get them back! Use these tips from a veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ to do just that:

Lure Them With Food

It’s likely that your cat hasn’t strayed far from your yard. Wait until the early morning hours, around 2:00 in the morning for instance, and go into the yard with a can of food and some cat treats. The sound of the can opening and the treat bag crinkling will carry in the night, luring your cat back.

Print and Post Flyers

Make up some flyers and start posting them around town. Offer a monetary reward if necessary. It’s also a good idea to look into neighborhood forums and online watch groups—it’s very likely someone around town has spotted your pet.

Prevent the Problem

Clearly, preventing an escaped cat is far preferable to finding a lost one. Secure your home’s doors and windows, and outfit your pet with ID tags and a microchip for maximum identification effectiveness.

Does your cat need medical attention? We’re here to help with that. Set up an appointment with your animal hospital Scottsdale, AZ right away.