Pink eyes are relatively common among humans. Did you know that our pets can also suffer from this malady? Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of pink eyes in this article from a vets Sarasota, FL. 

The Cause of Pink Eye

Pink eye, known medically as conjuntivitis, has many potential causes. They include bacterial or viral infection, eye trauma, glaucoma, allergies, and foreign objects in the eye, among others.

The Symptoms of Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva, or the tissues around the eye. As such, a red, inflamed eye or eyelid is the main symptom of pink eyes. You might also see discharge coming from the eye or crusted material around the eyes. Pink eyes can occur in one eye at a time, or in both simultaneously. 

Treating Pink Eye

Treating a case of pink eye will involve treating the underlying cause. Antibiotics will be given in the case of a bacterial infection, for example. And most pets can be given anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling and redness in the meantime.

Want to learn more about pink eyes and how it affects pets? We can help. Contact your veterinary clinic Sarasota, FL right away.

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