Tooth brushing is a normal part of life for humans, and it should be for your dog, as well. Dental disease is quite common among dogs! Use these easy steps from a Fort Collins, CO veterinarian to brush your dog’s pearly whites:

Get Your Supplies

First, gather everything you need for a successful tooth-brushing session. That includes a pet toothbrush, a toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs, and a few dog treats. Now, sit down with your pooch in a quiet, well-lit area to begin.

Start Brushing

Introduce the paste to your dog so he can get used to the smell and taste. Run a finger along Fido’s gums to get him acclimated to the brushing sensation. Now, start brushing a small section of your pup’s mouth. Only focus on the outer tooth surfaces, which is where plaque tends to accumulate.

Repeat and Reward Your Dog

When your dog is comfortable with brushing, move on to the other sides of the mouth. Reward your dog with a tasty treat after each section so that he knows brushing is beneficial for him.

Call your animal hospital Fort Collins, CO if you need help with your dog’s dental health. We’re here for you!

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