Are you planning on traveling by air in the near future? Perhaps you’re planning on taking your pet with you. Here are a few tips from a veterinarian Marietta, GA on safe air travel for pets.

Health Check

Before taking your pet on a plane, have them examined at the vet’s office for an evaluation. In general, it’s not recommended that young pets, elderly companions, or pets with compromised immune systems go through the rigors of air travel. It’s simply not worth the risk!

Airline Policies

Do your research ahead of time to find out what the pet policies are of the airline you’re considering. Not all airlines allow pets at all, and those that do may have restrictions. Pets may have to be stowed in special areas in the aircraft’s cargo space, or you may be allowed to take your pet into the cabin with you.

Check the Destination

Before departure, make sure your pet is welcome at your destination, whether it’s a hotel, motel, or a friend or relative’s home. With all the complications of air travel, it’s important to forget this crucial consideration!

To learn more about air travel with pets, contact your pet clinic Marietta, GA.