Do you own a pet bird? It’s up to you to keep an eye on your feathered friend’s health and happiness. Learn about some common signs of illness in birds from your vet in Cameron Park, CA:

Cere Problems

Your bird’s cere is essentially their nose; it’s the area above the beak where Polly’s nostrils are housed. Keep an eye on this area. If you see dried crusts, pus-like material, or anything else that looks abnormal, it could be a sign of respiratory issues or other concerns.

Eye Issues

A healthy bird will have clean, clear eyes. If your pet’s eyes look cloudy, or if you see redness, inflammation, dried material, discharge, or anything else that doesn’t look right around the eyes, it’s time to tell the vet!

Ruffled Feathers

While birds do ruffle their feathers as a normal part of their behavior, they don’t typically keep them that way for long. If your bird has kept their feathers ruffled for a 24-hour period or longer, it’s worth a call to the vet’s office. Injury, illness, infection, and more could be the root cause!

To make an appointment to have your bird examined, contact your vet Cameron Park, CA.