It’s likely that your cat will have to take a pill at some point or another. You know this can be easier said than done! Use these tips from a Rochester, NY veterinarian to get your feline friend to swallow her pill.

Hide Pill in Food

Although some cats can be tricky about this sort of thing, it’s often easiest to hide Fluffy’s pill in her food. You can also try putting it in the center of a roll of deli meat or fish. With luck, your cat will gobble up the morsel without ever realizing medicine was inside!


In some cases, you can grind or crush your cat’s pill in order to sprinkle it over or stir it into your cat’s food. Ask your vet first, though—crushing can render pills ineffective, or it might introduce too much medication to your cat’s system at one time.

Manual Administration

If the above methods don’t work, you’ll need to administer the pill manually. With help from a family member, gently open your cat’s mouth and place the pill far back in the mouth. Close the jaws and rub the throat to stimulate swallowing.

For help, contact your vet Rochester, NY.