Choosing a dog leash seems simple enough. It’s important to select the proper leash, though, to avoid risking injury or escape. Learn more below from your veterinarian Frisco, TX.

Standard Leashes

For most dogs, a standard leash will work just fine. They’re typically about six feet long and are made of nylon, although they can be made of leather or other materials. The standard leash will have a loop on one end and a metal clasp on the other to attach to your dog’s collar.

Retractable Versions

A retractable leash features a spring-loaded handle, allowing your dog to range away from you a bit until you press a button to halt his movement. Use retractable leashes with caution, especially if you live in a highly trafficked area—it’s possible for your dog to get away from you quickly before you have a chance to stop him.

Training Leashes

Specialized training leashes may be shorter or longer than a standard leash, or made out of materials like rubber. In general, don’t purchase one unless directed to do so by your veterinarian or an animal trainer.

Need help purchasing a leash for your dog? Give your Frisco, TX pet clinic a call.