Cats, much like other pets, need proper stimulation and socialization. The question is, how do you give your cat the enrichment they need to live a healthy, happy life? Here, your Rochester, NY veterinarian gives you some tips.


There’s just no substitute for good old-fashioned toys; your cat should play regularly. Playtime stimulates your cat’s brain and gives them a proper outlet for their energy. Toys also provide a great opportunity for you and your cat to play together, strengthening your shared bond.

Cat Towers

Cat towers allow your cat to entertain themselves. These structures provide multiple high perches for your feline friend, which let them survey their territory from an above positon. Many cat trees also come with built-in scratching posts and toys—head to your local pet supply store to purchase one.

Outdoor Sessions

Putting your cat outdoors in an enclosed, safe space can be very enriching for the right pet. Some cats even enjoy being walked on a leash and harness, much like a dog! Outdoor activity can be very stimulating for cats, but ask your veterinarian for advice before proceeding.

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