Do you suffer from allergic reactions to your family’s dog or cat? There are ways out of the misery without getting rid of your pet! Your Thousand Oaks, CA vet elaborates below.

Air Filters

Specialized air filters can do wonders for those of us who suffer from allergies. These devices remove a portion of the dander around the home that causes reactions, making your home more livable. Do some research online to find out what sort of air filter might work best for you.


There’s just no substitute for cleaning your home—dust regularly to remove dander and pet hair from solid surfaces, and vacuum your carpets and furniture on a weekly basis. Grooming your pet is another helpful tip; brushing removes a lot of loose hair, preventing it from winding up all around your home! Contact your vet for further grooming advice.

Allergy-Free Zone

Create an allergy-free area of your home where your pet isn’t allowed. Set up air filters and take special care to keep the room clean. This provides a welcome respite for allergy sufferers in your family!

Talk to your Pet Clinic Thousand Oaks, CA for more information on pet allergies and how to combat them.