Although playing with your pet is certainly a lot of fun, it’s also about more than that. You may be surprised to learn that playtime is actually essential for your animal friend’s well-being! Learn more here from a vet in Wake Forest, NC.


Playing is the main way that pets get exercise. Be sure to set aside time on a daily basis to romp around with your pet on the living room floor, play fetch or tug-of-war, or take a jog through the backyard. This helps burn calories, stave off boredom, and keep your pet’s muscles and joints limber.

Mental Stimulation

Playtime is also important for mental stimulation. If a pet is cooped up indoors all day and never gets to play, they’ll become bored. It won’t be long before they act out in undesirable ways. Avoid chewing, scratching, aggression, house soiling, and more by playing with your pet regularly.

Bonding Time

Don’t underestimate the bond you and your pet have—it’s one of the strongest relationships you may ever have. Stimulate and strengthen this bond by playing with your pet every day. You’ll both enjoy it!

Call your vets Wake Forest, NC for further advice on pet playtime.