Your dog is probably quite excited to get outdoors and explore the yard as the weather warms up. Just make sure he stays safe from a few common backyard hazards—learn more below from your Portland, OR veterinary professional.

Poisonous Plant Life

Plenty of common garden plants and flowers aren’t good for dogs. The list includes tulips, daffodils, ivy, oleander, the sago palm, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, chrysanthemums, certain aloe plants, and many more. Ask your vet what types of poisonous plant life is most common in your area, and remove any offenders from your garden.


Is your dog wearing preventative medications to protect against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms? If not, he needs to be. It’s far easier to prevent the problems these critters cause rather than treat them after they’ve taken hold.

Fertilizer and Pesticides

Do you use fertilizers or pesticides on your garden and lawn? Make sure your dog doesn’t come into contact with recently treated plant life, as these substances can poison a dog who manages to ingest them. Also take care to store these products carefully where dogs can’t reach.

Contact to your veterinary clinic Portland, OR for more advice on keeping your dog safe outdoors.