When the temperatures rise, it’s important to keep your dog’s safety in mind. Our canine friends can very easily overheat and suffer from dangerous heat exhaustion and dehydration! Here, your Savannah, GA veterinarian gives you three tips for keeping Fido safe and sound during the hotter months:


It’s important to provide a bowl of cool, fresh water for your dog to drink from as he pleases. This will prevent dehydration. Supply the dish whether your dog spends time indoors or out, and check it periodically to make sure it doesn’t need refilled or refreshed.


When your dog does go outdoors, make sure there is at least one shaded area for him to cool off under. If necessary, hang a sheet to create shade. Try putting a water dish in the shaded area just for your pooch.

Exercise Smart

Don’t exercise your pet during the middle part of the day, when the sun is directly overhead and temperatures are at their peak. Instead, take your dog out for exercise during the cooler morning or evening hours.

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