Pet identification is extremely important in the event that your pet ever gets lost or runs away. A microchip is the best way to keep your pet identified—learn about the benefits of this technology below from your Greenville, SC vet.

Constant, Secure Identification

The major benefit of microchips is that they provide secure identification; your pet can’t remove the chip, as they may be able to chew through, rip off, or slip away a collar containing ID tags. Even if your pet gets lost unexpectedly, you’ll know they’re identified!

Quick, Painless Procedure

Microchips are implanted under the skin using a specialized syringe, and the process only takes a moment or two. Additionally, your pet won’t feel any pain aside from a momentary pinch. All in all, it’s much like a regular vaccination!

Easy to Have Updated

Getting a new telephone number? Moving addresses? You don’t have to purchase an entirely new microchip. Simply call the chip manufacturer, and they’ll update your pet’s information in their database. This can be done no matter how many times you move or how many new numbers you get!

Talk to your veterinarian Greenville, SC if your animal companion needs identified with a microchip.