Feeding your dog a nutritious and age-appropriate diet is one of the easiest ways to keep them healthy for a lifetime. Here, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian tells you about the food your dog should be eating:


Puppies will need wet food for the first few months of life as they continue teething. Gradually, they’ll switch to dry food made just for puppies. Ask your vet for further details on the scheduling of your puppy’s dietary changes, and for recommendations on high-quality puppy foods.

Adult Dogs

Keep your adult dog healthy and strong by feeding them a premium dog food made specifically for the needs of our middle-aged canine companions. Your veterinarian can recommend a great choice.

Senior Companions

In order to keep your senior dog as healthy as possible, they should receive a senior diet by the time they’re about eight to 10 years old. Their nutritional needs are quite different than those of a puppy! If you need help transitioning your aging dog to an age-appropriate diet, contact your veterinarian.

Do you have questions about your dog’s nutritional needs or dietary choices? We’re here to help. Make an appointment today at your vet clinic Colorado Springs, CO.

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