There are a host of issues that couples have to contend with when preparing to welcome a new baby into the family. One the one hand, there’s the crib, diapers, and clothes, and on the other hand, there’s the dog. How will Fido react to your new bundle of joy? How do you ensure that everything will be okay? Ask your North Phoenix, AZ vet for more.


The best way to ensure that the transition will go through okay is to start conditioning your dog to accept her new position. Sometimes, you can do this by carrying around a doll and doting it with attention. This will help you to get your dog used to receiving less attention and even seeing how she’ll contribute to it. Ask your North Phoenix, AZ vet for more.

Just remember to take it slow and consider your furry family member’s feelings as you transition. Practice will make perfect and will ensure that the day you bring home your new baby will be the best it can be. Have questions about dogs and infantry? Check with your Animal hospital North Phoenix, AZ.

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