Have you ever heard of xylitol? It’s an artificial sugar often used in gum, candy, baked items, and even toothpaste. It’s fine for humans but extremely dangerous for pets! Learn more here from veterinarians Wake Forest, NC.


The symptoms of xylitol poisoning can manifest in as little as 30 minutes after ingestion, and they include lethargy, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, and—without prompt treatment—collapse, seizures, and even death. As little as a few pieces of candy or a stick of gum can start to cause problems!


If you know or even suspect that your pet has ingested a product made with xylitol, rush them to the nearest veterinary emergency room. The stomach may need to be flushed, or activated charcoal may be administered to slow further absorption of the toxin. Pets might need supportive therapy like oxygen supplementation or fluid replacement as they recover.

Preventing Poisoning

Preventing xylitol poisoning is, of course, much easier than dealing with it after the fact. Tightly restrict your pet’s access to all sweet treats and human toothpaste. Store such items in sealed containers or cabinets where pets can’t gain access.

Want more information on xylitol? Contact your veterinary clinic Wake Forest, NC.

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