Mosquitoes are certainly a nuisance for us humans, but they’re very dangerous for our animal companions. In fact, they can cause serious health problems like heartworm disease! Here, your vet Washington DC tells you how to battle against mosquitoes in and around your home—and win.

Heartworm Preventative

First things first: make sure your dog or cat is outfitted with a year-round heartworm preventative in order to ward off heartworms, as well as other common worms. This way, even if a mosquito bites your pet, the larvae won’t develop into adult heartworms and your pet stays completely safe.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water. So, if you have sources of still water in your yard, perhaps from old tires or empty planting pots, remove them. This will make it less likely that mosquitoes will bite your pet around your property.

Fix Up the Yard

Trim tall grasses and cut back dense shrubbery, as these areas tend to attract mosquitoes. Remove any garbage or other smelly items that might attract the pests.

Does your pet need heartworm preventatives? Need advice on making your yard a mosquito-free zone? We’re here to help. Contact your vet clinic Washington DC today.

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