Playtime is definitely a lot of fun, both for your pet and you! It’s also beneficial in other ways. Here, your Lafayette, LA vet tells you about the importance of playtime for your furry companion.


Of course, regular play provides exercise for your pet, which is essential for living a happy, healthy life. Walks through the neighborhood jogs through the backyard, or wrestling sessions on the living room floor are all great ways to have your pet burn those excess calories!

Behavior Improvement

Pets who play on a regular basis tend to behave much better than those who don’t. That’s because playtime offers an appropriate outlet for your pet’s energy, allowing them to burn off their excitement rather than acting on it by scratching, chewing, or vocalizing in an undesirable way.

Mental Stimulation

It’s just as important to work out your pet’s mind as it is to exercise their body. Puzzle toys are wonderful for both cats and dogs, giving them something to work on both physically and mentally. Pets who don’t play with toys quickly become bored and sedentary.

Would you like further advice on your pet’s exercise and playtime routines? Call your veterinarians Lafayette, LA today.

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