Pet playtime is about a lot more than good plain fun—although it’s important for that, too! The truth is, playtime offers a myriad of benefits to our four-legged friends. Learn more here from your vet in Olathe, KS.

Physical Exercise

Of course, when your pet plays, he or she is getting great physical exercise. Exercise is important for a lifetime of health and happiness. Every day, romp around with your pet on the floor or toss a toy around. Walks are also very beneficial.

Mental Stimulation

Another benefit of playtime is the mental stimulation it provides to your pet. If a pet is cooped up indoors all day with nothing to do, they’ll start to act out in negative ways. Pets who aren’t stimulated tend to chew, scratch, vocalize loudly, and otherwise exhibit undesirable behaviors. Regular play will combat this.

Pet-Owner Bonding

Don’t forget about the bonding opportunity that playtime provides. The relationship you have with your pet is one of the strongest you’ll ever experience—strengthen and deepen it with regular interaction.

Do you have questions about your pet’s exercise routine? Wondering what toys will work best with your animal friend? Call your vets Olathe, KS today.

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