Is your dog spayed or neutered? Thinking of adding a puppy to your home in the near future? The spaying or neutering procedure is one of the most important things you can do for Fido’s health! Learn about its many benefits from your veterinarian Roanoke, VA.

Health Benefits

The spay and neuter surgery eliminates the risk of genital cancers, and it greatly reduces the likelihood of breast, prostate, and other cancer types from occurring. It also lowers the risk of common ailments like urinary tract infections. The lifelong health benefits of the procedure are well worth it!

Behavior Improvements

A dog who has been spayed or neutered is likely to behave better than one who hasn’t. Avoid or at least lessen the severity of issues like house soiling and/or urine spraying, aggression toward owners or other pets in the house, digging, chewing, attempted escape, loud vocalizing, and more.

Curbing Pet Overpopulation

There is a broader benefit to having your dog spayed or neutered: it controls the homeless pet population. Each year, millions of pets across the globe are euthanized, simply because there are too many. Don’t let your dog contribute to the problem!

Learn more from your vet Roanoke, VA.

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