You’ve probably heard of pet microchips, but you may wonder about their specific benefits. Here, an Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you why the microchip is the best way to have your pet identified.

Proper Identification at All Times

ID tags on a collar have the potential to be chewed off. In addition, a pet may rip the collar off on a sharp edge or object, leaving them unidentified. With a microchip, you don’t have to worry about this. It’s placed under the skin, where only specialized scanners in animal shelters and vets’ offices can read it.

Personal Information is Secure

Are you worried about your home address and phone number being displayed publically, where anyone who finds your lost pet could discover it? If your pet is microchipped, your contact information stays completely secure.

Updating is a Breeze

ID tags can be a hassle to update. A microchip couldn’t be simpler to update—simply call or email the microchip manufacturer with your new address or phone number, and they’ll update your pet’s information in their database instantaneously.

Would you like more advice on pet microchips? Does your furry friend need proper identification? Give your Aurora, CO veterinarian’s office a call.

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