Grooming your dog is about more than making her look her best (although it’s great for that, too!). Here, your Portland, OR veterinarian tells you about some of the reasons dog grooming is so important.

Health Benefits

Regular brushing keeps your dog’s skin and fur healthy by soothing out painful tangles and mats, getting rid of grime that accumulates on the skin and in the fur, and spreading essential skin oils through the coat to keep it moisturized and healthy. Regular grooming also greatly reduces shedding.

Allergy Control Tactic

Do you, a member of your family, or your dog themselves suffer from allergies? Regular grooming may do quite a bit to cut down on symptoms. Grooming helps to remove pet dander and loose hair from the environment, keeping the sniffling and sneezing to a minimum.

Quality Bonding Time

Don’t forget that regular grooming sessions make for quality bonding time between you and your dog, allowing you to strengthen the important relationship you share. It’s likely that your pooch will even come to look forward to grooming time!

Would you like a recommendation on a good dog brush? Do you have questions about grooming your dog? Call your Portland, OR vet.

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